Envy Hotel

About the Envy Hotel

The Envy Hotel is a place where friends, families and strangers all come together to share a common love for the best entertainment, service and drinks on the Gold Coast. In the heart of the buzzing precinct of Broadbeach, kick back and relax with everything you need in the one central location.

The Envy Hotel – where traditional meets contemporary for a drink.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable environment where patrons are able to enjoy their surroundings without disruption from others, who may be inappropriately dressed, or behave in an unacceptable manner.

To ensure patron compliance with these principles, standards have been set for dress and behaviour.

Patrons are advised to carry valid photo ID with them whilst on the premises and the venue is unable to accept an expired or damaged ID.

Regular Service:

Monday: 10am – late
Tuesday: 10am – late
Wednesday: 10am – late
Thursday: 10am – late
Friday: 10am – 2am
Saturday: 10am – 3am
Sunday: 10am – late

Bistro Service

Monday to Friday: 11:30 – 3pm // 5pm – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am – 9pm

Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day

The Envy Hotel requires a neat and tidy standard of dress whilst in the venue.
  • Patrons must wear footwear at all times
  • Patrons must wear appropriate upper body clothing at all times
  • No ripped, torn or unduly soiled clothing or footwear is permitted
  • No plugger type thongs/rubber soled thongs are permitted after 9pm
  • Patrons without adequate footwear or clothing will be refused entry

No offensive clothing or paraphernalia is permitted at any time, with the exception of private pre-arranged functions.

Costumes are not permitted at any time within the venue.

The Envy Hotel is a ‘tattoo friendly’ venue with the exceptions of offensive and/or criminal outlaw motorcycle club affiliated markings. We have a strict NO hand, neck/throat and face tattoo policy.

Management reserve the right to change this policy at their discretion.

The Envy Hotel and its entire staff have a responsibility to ensure that liquor is sold and supplied to patrons in a responsible manner.

All staff should be aware of what is expected of them in regards to the laws and the service of alcohol to patrons of the venue, as staff can be held liable for offences committed.

It is an offence to:

  • Sell liquor to;
  • Supply liquor to; or
  • Allow liquor to be supplied to or consumed by:


There are heavy penalties for committing these offences: Licensees or Approved Managers are liable for a maximum fine of $50,000.00

Staff of licensed premises or any other person breaching these provisions is liable for a maximum fine of $8,000.00


A responsible adult in relation to a minor is the parent, stepparent, guardian or an adult who has parental rights and responsibilities in relation to the minor whilst the minor is on licensed premises or in a public place.


Only three forms of identification are acceptable as proof of age.

These are:

  • Photographic driver’s licence
  • A proof of age card issued by a Government Department or approved entity (e.g. car 18+, key pass)
  • An Australian or foreign passport

“Key pass” from Victoria is the only approved non-Government issued proof of age card.

The Australian I.D Checking Guide, published by the Liquor Licensing Division, details the actual cards and licenses issued by each State and Territory.

If staff believe that a document being presented is false, defaced or in the possession of a person who is not the owner of the I.D then the document should be confiscated and forwarded to the Liquor Licensing Division.

Licensees, Approved Managers and staff DO NOT COMMIT an offence if an intoxicated person is on their premises, although the intoxicated person does.

Licensees, Approved Managers and staff DO COMMIT an offence if they sell or supply liquor to unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons.


Service is refused to patrons for the following reasons:

  • Safety of the patron
  • Safety of others
  • Provisions of the Liquor Act (e.g. if the person is a minor or unduly intoxicated or disorderly)
  • Civil liability

Staff of licensed premises MAY refuse service to patrons at any time (e.g. patrons not meeting management’s dress regulations)

Staff MUST refuse service to patrons who are minors or unduly intoxicated or disorderly.

Spirit of the Code

The Envy Hotel will abide by all elements of the Responsible Gaming Policy and up hold its commitment to provide a Responsible Gaming Environment.

Gaming Legislation

Management and staff will be familiar with, and have a duty to abide by all aspects of the relevant legislation.

Machine Performance

Gaming machines will be maintained in premium condition for customer’s enjoyment. Unplayable machines will be clearly marked as so.

Return to player – Total aggregate winnings to players must be in accordance with the gaming machine act.

Customer Satisfaction and Protection

Minors – Minors are not permitted to play gaming machines, or be in gaming areas.

Intoxicated Customers – Customers showing signs of intoxication will be prevented from playing gaming machines and may be lawfully removed from the premises. The venue will abide by Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy as issued by the Liquor Licensing Division.

Self Exclusion – Gaming staff will co-operate with any person seeking to bar themselves from the gaming room and will provide the customer a copy of the Deed of Self Exclusion to complete after discussing the implications for customer. If the customer does self-exclude, staff will actively seek to exclude this person from the gaming room.

Excessive Gambling – Recognizing that some customers may have difficulty controlling their personal level of expenditure on gaming and particularly gaming machines, management personnel where appropriate will advise them and their families of options relating to counselling and advisory services from appropriate support agencies.

Barring a Patron – It is a requirement under the Gaming Machine Act of 1991 for licensees to prohibit certain persons from gaming.

The Envy Hotel have a team of fun, responsible and hard working staff.  If you are energetic, motivated and have a passion for hospitality feel free to come into the venue and introduce yourself. Don’t forget to bring an updated resume or CV.

Alternatively you can email it to: functions@envyhotel.com.au